When in Europe.

"Welcome to Europe.."


Millions have sent in applications, but only twenty four will proceed. This future generation of America will be sent throughout Europe to culturalize and expand their knowledge. They are sent in hopes for the future of the world. A lot rests on their shoulders, but these talented individuals are up to the challenge.

They will be sent to almost every country in Europe to learn the culture and meet the residents. We expect them to come home with a new and appreciative view on the world around them. They are here to represent America and all of it's glory. We trust them to not let us down.

They will leave everything behind, only bringing light luggage with them. They will be staying in top of the line hotels, and visiting many historical sights. They do not completely escape from their school work. Each destination they have to write a report on a historical sight, or something they found interesting. The government can not just let them galavant Europe with no learning experience!

This trip is not just for oo’s and aww’s. They will be living as if they are a resident of the country at times. This is all a learning experience that the students are expected to thrive in. Sometimes the tasks will be difficult, but they will have to suffer through. Are you ready?

"Pack your bags!"

Opened: August 21st.

Send us applications! Run by Admin V and Admin D

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Are you still accepting a Kristen Stewart FC? Because I can't find the character information.

Yes, the reason why you cannot find her is that someone applied for her under a FC change. But, it can be easily switched back! Her name is Desirae and you can find her bio here.

remember there was an fc change to change it back just ask at the bottom of your application!

-Admin D

Good evening, lovelies. 

Come leave us requests/suggestions and apps/asks and all of that good stuff~

- Admin v

I must apologize as well. I have been swamped with homework and such. Bleh “advanced” schools y’know. 

I’ll get on as much as possible through homework and studying!

-Admin D

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So we don't have to write it? I'm confused aha.

No, you have to send a message to Rich saying whether your character wrote it or not. If he didn’t Rich has to get all authority like lol xD

-Admin D


Does the day next to the names mean we have to start the para on that day or does it mean we have to finish it by then?

You can do either. Whatever is best for you. You can start it, or you can start it earlier. It is determined by what is best for the Rpers!

-Admin D


Do you have Miley Cyrus?

We don’t, but we could write up a bio for her. Would you apply for her then?

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Hello, lovelies! 

Sorry I have been absent for a while, I’ve been super busy ooc — ah! But I’ll be online more tomorrow and yada yada yada. So, while you’re at it, why don’t you send in some apps/asks and make us happy? xx  - Admin v


Ok this might be a stupid question but, do we actually write the report after?

No, you don’t have to write the report. Just send a message to Rich saying that you “sent” it okay? If you don’t want your character to write one then send a message to Rich saying that you didn’t send one, and he’ll be all authority like and as you what’s up haha

-Admin D

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Your first assignment has been posted on your Chaperon, Rich's, blog page. Go check it out and work out with the other RPer how you are going to go about this. 

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